Knitted pictures by Faceknits
All original pictures are sewn onto heavy calico which is stretched onto a wooden frame. Because of this sizes quoted are approximate where the work has not yet been framed.



I have knitted throughout my life and am currently obsessed with knitting images developed from photographs I have taken. These are all from the family album, taken over the years. They often feature my growing family, people close to me, my garden and memorable places.

None of the yarns used are bought specially, but are all collected as oddments and unwanted stock. This came about after my mother died and I inherited a trunk full of wool oddments, all packaged in assorted bags, some tangled together, which took me right back as far as my childhood jumpers and cardigans. (She never threw anything away, having lived through the “make do and mend” times of the World War 2.)

Just like wool oddments, photos trigger memories, and I aim to capture an expression, an attitude or moment in time, and make the viewer smile, maybe with recognitions of their own. Each split second portrayed in an image invokes many more memories surrounding the event, and over the weeks it takes me to develop and knit the image, these become embedded in the work.

I like to experiment with colour and texture, and mix yarns like paint to create an illusion of light, shade and vibrancy. Even though traditional knitting methods are used, the free use of yarns creates fluidity in constructing a picture.