Faceknits Knitted Pictures

animals, blank cards, cushions, floral, landscapes, music, portraits, street scenes

This is my new website to illustrate my knitted pictures, cushions, greetings cards etc.

I have knitted throughout my life and since 2006 have been obsessed with hand knitting images developed from photographs, most of which I have captured myself. I have not found anyone else working in the same way. None of the yarns used are bought specially, but are all collected as oddments and unwanted stock.

Just like wool oddments, photos trigger memories, and I aim to capture an expression, an attitude or moment in time, and make the viewer smile, maybe with recognitions of their own. Each split second portrayed in an image evokes many more memories surrounding the event.

I like to experiment with colour and texture, and mix yarns like paint to create an illusion of light, shade, depth and vibrancy.  Even though traditional knitting methods are used, the free use of yarns creates fluidity in constructing a picture.