Monastery of St Nicholas, Porto Lagos, Greece


223 2020 Monastery of St Nicholas Porto Lagos

It was a very eventful day when we went there. Started off by rescuing a wild tortoise that was crossing the road (on a zebra crossing). Then we had to do a four mile detour on a rough mud road (in our ordinary car) in order to get across a river that had no bridge on the road. After that we saw the monastery marked on the map – such a beautiful setting with wildfowl water park all around. Had a lovely conversation with a young monk – he was laughing that his beard was slightly longer than my husband’s (which is very long too!). After that we went in search of a 17th century Ottoman bridge. We eventually found it – complete in all its glory, but we had to go via a back road because the 20th century main road bridge had collapsed. All in all a memorable day.

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